In accordance with the aims and principles determined by the Council of Higher Education and our University; In line with the vision and mission of the Registrar's Office, to follow up and carry out the work and transactions related to the scholarships given by YÖK in accordance with the principles of effectiveness and efficiency.
To the students who won the quota allocated to the doctoral programs in the Public Universities determined by giving priority to the areas that are important for the economic and social development and welfare of our country (100/2000), to the Undergraduate students who met the necessary conditions and registered in line with the relevant procedures and principles determined by the Higher Education Council (Undergraduate Support ), research assistants (YUDAB) who work in state higher education institutions and who are at the doctoral thesis stage, research assistants, lecturers or Dr. It is aimed to support the teaching staff (YÖKDİL) working in the academic staff, and the foreign students who come to study in our country with bilateral agreements by YÖK. YÖK Scholarships Follow-up Branch aims to carry out the transactions related to YÖK Scholarships effectively and without disruption.
Article 10 of the Higher Education Law dated 4/11/1981 and numbered 2547, the Central Government Budget Law, the procedures and principles of the relevant scholarship program determined by the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education, the decisions of the Executive Board of Higher Education and the decisions of our University Senate are taken as basis.
100/2000 YÖK PhD Scholarship
It is a doctoral scholarship program given by our Agency to support students studying in doctoral programs at state universities, in order to meet the need for human resources with doctorates in order to produce qualified knowledge in their priority fields for our country.
Procedures and Principles
YÖK Support Scholarships
Starting from the 2016-2017 academic year, it is a monthly scholarship program given to the students who are placed in the first three places and registered in the undergraduate programs that are decided to be supported by the Higher Education Council, which is of great importance for our country, in order to increase the quality at all levels in our higher education system, in the amount and time determined by the Higher Education Council.
Procedures and Principles
International Students Support Scholarships
It is a scholarship program given to foreign students who are placed in state higher education institutions and come from countries where the Higher Education Council has signed a cooperation protocol and/or memorandum of understanding.
Procedures and Principles